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Emergency Dentist Gold Coast

Dr. Mehran Shaibani is the principal dentist and proprietor of Carrara Dental Practice.

He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia, Perth. Having practised dentistry in Perth for a few years and on the Gold Coast since 2002, Dr. Shaibani has the knowledge and more importantly the experience to go with it.

With large number of happy and smiling clients, his array of services extends over all aspect of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry and minor oral surgery are on top of the listof expertise of Dr. Shaibani, evident by numerous successful cases. His clients find him a very gentle and smooth operator.

Emergency Dentist Gold Coast ?

Dr Shaibani will do his best to get you out your emergency dental on the spot.We are one of the best Emergency Dental providers on the Gold Coast.

Dr Shaibani’s caring staff will surely understand your dental emergency and will provide you an early appointment to deal with your pain or problem whatever that may be.

So if you are searching ” Emergency Dental Gold Coast ” or ” Emergency Dentist Gold Coast ” consider us for your relief.