Needle Free Injections: Fear No More!

Does the thought of visiting the dentist send your heart racing? The main reason people fear a trip to the dentist is the possibility of having to get injections – and truth be told, they can be a little uncomfortable.

Imagine if dental needles were a thing of the past – there would no longer be a reason to fear the dentist’s chair! Here at Carrara Dental Practice, we have introduced the option of needle-free injections for a number of procedures. This revolutionary way of administering local anesthetic is extremely quick, and virtually pain free. The numbness caused by this type of anesthetic is not quite as pronounced as regular injections, and you will find that it wears off quite quickly – meaning you won’t have to spend much of the day with no feeling across half of your mouth.

Our needle-free injections are great for kids and nervous patients. Combined with our friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere, there is no longer any need to fear a trip to the dentist.