Wisdom Teeth & other surgical procedures

Qualified wisdom teeth treatments on the Gold Coast

Are your wisdom teeth starting to come through? Do you feel any discomfort? At Carrara Dental Practice our dentist provides wisdom teeth removal services to Gold Coast clients.

A wisdom tooth is also called a third molar and generally appears in the late teens, twenties or in some cases even later in life. Sometimes third molars can go unnoticed and never even come through the gum. In some circumstances these molars can cause troubles and impact other teeth. It is therefore recommended to remove them, to avoid problems from occurring or getting worse. If you are not sure which type of wisdom teeth treatment suits you, your dentist can advise you of your options.

Our dentist might recommend removing your third molars after a routine check, or you may contact us anytime to make an appointment, should you feel your wisdom teeth are causing you trouble. Please call us now on 07 5594 5366 or on 07 5594 5399. You can also reach us via email at carraradentalpractice@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We always strive to find a time for your next visit that suits your schedule.